About me

Hey, I am Roman and this is my blog to share some of my thoughts. I neglected to blog for quite some time and decided now (year 2021) to give it a new proper shot. Here are some statements that I found to be true for myself. It might give you some hints about my personality.

Thinking / being different is a basic human right and requires no permission

Failing is the only way to find boundaries

Tinkering, trying new ideas, experimenting with things is how we evolve

Breaking things apart, putting them back together is the most natural way we learn

Fixing things sometimes involves breaking things first

Shipping things and being around other 'shippers' primes your emotions for action

Moving fast, to overcome inertia and generate energy, yet also taking time when needed

Helping my team to deliver great maintainable products on time

Fostering personal growth and a culture of sharing

Questioning my past experiences and re-evaluating them from new perspectives

Preferring concepts over concrete frameworks, simplicity over new trends