Failure Is Always An Option - A talk by Mathias Meyer

by Roman Heinrich

Quite an interesting talk by Mathias Meyer about cultural challenges, while operating big backend infrastructures.

Failure is always an option - Matthias Meyer aka @roidrage from devopsdays on Vimeo.

A couple of notes, I found worth remembering (those are not quotations...):

  • #Hangops or @hangops -
    a Google Hangout group for DevOps peeps, great!

  • Ops-School source - a growing list of things, an operations engineer is
    expected to know

  • Tackling the problem of failure - see it as opportunity.

  • Hindsight-bios dude - yeah, some failures are rationalized after they occurred...

  • If something happens, take charge of it and move on.

  • Tooling is still important part of if, enable things to be done easily

  • Tooling is just an enabler for the cultural shift in the group

  • #shareops - share your experience

  • Blog about your operations + do public postmortems