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Fred George - Programmer Anarchy from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

from 18:20

I chose it to call it "Programmer Anarchy" Why "Anarchy"? Well, I have heard the word "Empowerment" all my career. "Oh, you're empowered to make this decisions!". We talked about, how that is not a real thing. And I believe that. Somebody has got to give you that. But if they give it to you, then they can probably have the power to take it away. And you always learn, where that boundary is, between the two. Where is that point, when I step over the line and sudden "No, I can't do this anymore." And it sorta leads to "Well, can I do this?" and you start asking permissions rather than just acting.

I don't want that environment. I don't want the idea, that empowerement is just
a way to say "I'm gonna blame you, if this does not work, cause you were empowered.".

So I call it anarchy. Well in anarchy there is a concept - there is nobody to ask.